NSDC SCUBA Olympics 2023

NSDC SCUBA Olympics 2023

Exhausting, but great fun are probably the best words to describe participating in the 2023 NSDC SCUBA Olympics. This year three teams battled to win the coveted title of SCUBA Olympics 2023 winners which was held on the last pool night before the summer break. These Olympics are the devilish brainchild of Andy P who spent hours plotting these fiendishly difficult events. At first sight the events look easy; a relay race, an egg and spoon race, swimming backwards through a hoop, a three legged swim and the grand finale of the ‘fill a bucket with air’ relay race, simple eh?

But in reality the events were either exhausting (the three legged swim is a killer) or downright frustrating, as the ping pong ball floats off the spoon for the tenth time in the egg and spoon race. But they are a great way to hone some skills (not quite sure which ones though), or to discover just how fit, or unfit you are.

It was great to see a mix of old and new members participating this year and of course it wouldn’t be a true SCUBA Olympics if there wasn’t some creative interpretation of the rules – enough said on that though! Many thanks to Andy for organising the event and the pool side marshals, and a huge thank you to Cathy for taking the pics.

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