Newbury Scuba Diving Club

What did you do at the weekend?


Newbury Scuba Diving Club is a thriving local club for Scuba divers based in and around the Newbury area. As part of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) organisation, Newbury Scuba Diving Club (NSDC) offers safe, fun diving for all levels. Whether you are a complete beginner, or already a qualified diver looking to do more diving, then NSDC is the perfect club for you.

All the diving and training is conducted to the highest BSAC safe diving standards to ensure that you have the best experience.


See amazing sights

We really do live on a Blue Planet and our members dive all over the world from Iceland to Indonesia and see some amazing sights underwater. There is also plenty of incredible diving in UK waters and we arrange day trips to the south coast most weekends during the summer on either the club RIB or on dive boats.


Learn new skills

Whether you are completely new to scuba diving or are already qualified, then there is always something new to learn. Newbury Scuba Diving Club is not just about scuba diving, it can also help you learn many new skills such as boat handling, rescue management, navigation etc. BSAC provide the framework for numerous skill development courses that are either held within the club or in combination with other clubs.


Dive with friends

The beauty of diving with a club is you dive with like minded friends and new members quickly become new friends. Newbury Scuba Diving Club prides itself in being a friendly, welcoming club open to anyone who wants to follow their passion for scuba diving. So if you fell in love with diving after learning on holiday and want to take it up as a hobby, then look no further.

Open the door to a new world of adventure


Newbury Scuba Diving Club offers a wide range of diving to suit all levels and interests, including RIB diving from our 6m RIB and hard boat diving in both the UK and overseas.

During the summer months there is usually a choice of diving most weekends, so whether you want to explore shipwrecks in the English Channel, or photograph some of the amazing marine life that live off our shores, there will be something there for you.



Want to learn to dive?
If you want to learn to SCUBA dive and are 14 or over, then our BSAC Nationally Qualified Instructors will take you through every step of the way to become a fully qualified BSAC Ocean Diver.

Already qualified as a scuba diver?
If you are already qualified with BSAC or another diving agency such as PADI or CMAS and looking to do more diving, then Newbury Scuba Diving Club is the perfect choice.



In Newbury Scuba Diving Club it is all about the members and we have a wide and varied social calendar for club members (and their families where possible).

Over the years the club has organised many different events to try and accommodate all the member’s needs, from indoor parachuting to curry nights at a local restaurant. The club has even entered a float at the Newbury Carnival and the Newbury Show.


Diving adventures for everyone

Whatever type of scuba diving you want to do, be it Recreational, Technical, RIB, Hard Boat, CCR or liveaboard holidays, then Newbury Scuba Diving Club is the perfect choice for you.

RIB  Diving

The club’s 6 m RIB is based at Portland during the summer and dive trips are organsied most weekends to dive the numerous wrecks around the Bill.

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Hard Boat Diving

Technical divers often like a bit more space than is available on a RIB, so the club regularly organises hard boat expeditions around the UK.

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Overseas Diving

Overseas trips are usually organised most years by club members to a number of different destinations. Popular ones include the Red Sea, Gozo, Norway etc.

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