How Much Does It Cost?

Newbury Scuba Diving Club Current Price List

Try dives:

  • Try Dive £30.00 (N.B. this amount can be deducted from the Newbury Scuba Diving Club first year’s membership fee if you join within 3 months of the Try Dive)

NSDC Membership Fees:

  • Newbury Scuba Diving Club annual membership adult – £110.00 (renewed annually on 1st December)

BSAC Annual Membership Fees effective 2022

  • BSAC full member (18+) OD, SD, DL, ADI, TI & PI – £65.50
  • BSAC full member (18+) OWI, Advanced Diver – £57.50
  • BSAC full member (18+) AI, First Class Diver – £52.25
  • BSAC full member (18+) National Instructor – £40.50
  • BSAC annual family membership (same address) – £114.50
  • BSAC Joint Member – £43.50

Training Course Fees:

  • Ocean Diver course adult* – £177.50 (+ NSDC membership £110.00 + BSAC membership £65.50 = Total £353.00)
  • Sports Diver course adult – £40.00 plus postage
  • Dive Leader course adult  – £40.00 plus postage
*Includes eLearning pack, pool hire, classroom hire and pool kit hire for duration of the Ocean Diver course. N.B NSDC does not supply any protective clothing for open water diving

NSDC In-House Skill Development Course Fees Prices Available On Request

  • Oxygen Administration
  • First Aid
  • BSAC Boat Handling
  • Gas Blending
  • Practical Rescue Management

Gas Costs:

  • Air – free
  • Nitrox – see price list on wall in the boatshed
  • TriMix – see price list on wall in the boatshed

Diving Costs:

  • Per day RIB diving £30.00 for club members (N.B. A small fuel surcharge may be also applied to cover long distance transits in the RIB)
  • Hard Boat diving costs are based on the individual charter costs

Club Kit Rental (per day):

  • BCD, Regs, 1 x Cylinder (air fill) and Weights + belt – £30.00/day. IMPORTANT not all BCD & Regs are serviced for open water use, please contact the Equipment Officer before selecting kit for rental
  • 1 x 12 litre or 1 x 7 litre cylinder filled with air – £5.00/day (£10.00/day for Nitrox fills)

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