How Much Does It Cost?

Newbury Scuba Diving Club Current Price List

Try dives:

  • Try Dive £30.00 (N.B. this amount can be deducted from the Newbury Scuba Diving Club first year’s membership fee if you join within 3 months of the Try Dive)

NSDC Membership Fees:

  • Newbury Scuba Diving Club annual membership adult – £110.00 (renewed annually on 1st December)

BSAC Annual Membership Fees effective 2022

  • BSAC full member (18+) OD, SD, DL, ADI, TI & PI – £68.50
  • BSAC full member (18+) OWI, Advanced Diver – £63.50
  • BSAC full member (18+) AI, First Class Diver – £58.00
  • BSAC full member (18+) National Instructor – £48.50
  • BSAC annual family membership (same address) – £120.50
  • BSAC Joint Member – £49.50

Training Course Fees:

  • Ocean Diver course adult* – £124.50 (+ NSDC annual membership £110.00 + BSAC annual membership £68.50 = Total £303.00). In addition, Ocean Diver students are required to purchase the e-learning pack directly from BSAC at a cost of £65.
  • Sports Diver course adult – £40.00 plus postage
  • Dive Leader course adult  – £40.00 plus postage
*Pool hire, classroom hire and pool kit hire for duration of the Ocean Diver course. N.B NSDC does not supply any protective clothing for open water diving

NSDC In-House Skill Development Course Fees Prices Available On Request

  • Oxygen Administration
  • First Aid
  • BSAC Boat Handling
  • Gas Blending
  • Practical Rescue Management

Gas Costs:

  • Air – free
  • Nitrox – see price list on wall in the boatshed
  • TriMix – see price list on wall in the boatshed

Diving Costs:

  • Per day RIB diving £30.00 for club members (N.B. A small fuel surcharge may be also applied to cover long distance transits in the RIB)
  • Hard Boat diving costs are based on the individual charter costs

Club Kit Rental (per day):

  • BCD, Regs, 1 x Cylinder (air fill) and Weights + belt – £30.00/day. IMPORTANT not all BCD & Regs are serviced for open water use, please contact the Equipment Officer before selecting kit for rental
  • 1 x 12 litre or 1 x 7 litre cylinder filled with air – £5.00/day (£10.00/day for Nitrox fills)

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