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‘HMS – In The Vicinity Of’

If you look back through the old dive logs, one dive site feature a bit too regularly than planned. ‘HMS – In The Vicinity Of’ was a term used to describe a missed target, usually caused by difficulty in interpreting the fuzzy blob that appeared on the old echo sounder. This was especially difficult when…
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As some of you may know, Johno and I love to dive unknown wreck sites, we enjoy it because you never know what you are going to find! It might be a steam train, a bell or even a large random pipe! This particular occasion we knew that whatever it was it was 3m wide…
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Scapa 2019 – Part 1

Members of Newbury Scuba Diving Club spent a week diving from the Valhalla liveaboard in Scapa Flow. Saturday 08.06.19 The fun started before we even arrived with a beautiful drive to the ferry through the North of Scotland, along open winding roads, through picturesque little villages and looking out across the ocean. We all managed…
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