First Scuba Olympics a great success

First Scuba Olympics a great success

The inaugural Newbury Scuba Diving Club ‘Scuba Olympics’ event was held at Mary Hare school pool in November to the sounds of much laughter and the occasional shout of “cheating”. The event was the brainchild of Andy who had put a lot of work into preparing the underwater ‘Its a knockout’ type events.

The three teams of three divers were expertly scrutinised by the shore team to make sure that any ‘inventive interpretation of the rules’ (aka cheating) was kept to a minimum!

The games included traditional favourites such as the egg and spoon race, or rather, the ping pong ball and teaspoon race, and a variant of the three legged race involving two divers with only two fins between them.

The most complex game was spread over two heats and involved raising 4 x 1 Kg weights using an inverted bucket and a relay race with a beaker filled with air to float the bucket!

All in all a great evening and we are sure it will become a regular winter event. Thanks to Cathy for the pics and to Andy for organising it.

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